Getting Started

Each journal's Manuscript Central site has a unique Web address (URL). Typically, you are given that address in an email sent by the journal. If the address is hyperlinked, simply click the link within the email, or you can enter the web address in the address field of your browser and press the Enter key on your keyboard. The journal's Log In page opens.

When you log in, you are taken to the Welcome page. Here you see links to all of the role centres you have permissions for in this journal. Default permissions include Author or Author and Reviewer Centres. Contact the journal administrator if you do not already have an editor centre link. To access your dashboard page, click the appropriate link.

Points to note:

When using Manuscript Central it is very important that the internet explorer ‘back’ button (in top left of the browser) is never used. Using it can risk in the loss of submitted manuscripts, which can only be found by contacting the Scholar One support centre. Instead, to go back to previous pages use the breadcrumb trail that appears towards the top of each page as you navigate through the system.

If you are writing material  (editorials or articles) for your journal, you must do this from a separate author account. You cannot submit copy from your editor account because the system treats it like a normal submission, and therefore won’t allow you to ‘make a decision’ on your own paper. However, when setting up a separate account for your journal, the only thing that needs to be different is your email address- your name, address and affiliation can remain identical to your primary account.

You must have a separate account for each journal you work on, or submit articles to. But please note; your username, password, email address and personal details can be identical for each of these accounts.

If you forget your password, the system can send you another temporary password- but this will expire after 72 hours. Therefore you should go into your account during this period and reset your password to one of your choice.

Forgot Your Password? For security reasons, Manuscript Central will not email you your current password. Instead, by entering your email address in the Password Help field and clicking Go, the system will send you an email containing instructions for resetting your password.