What if I don't agree with the reviewer comments?

You can rescind the decision which returns the paper to the reviewer. You will need to e-mail the reviewer (click on their name to create a hyperlink e-mail) to explain why you are returning the paper.

How do I extend a reviewer deadline?

Go to the page ‘Awaiting Reviewer Scores’ Click on the magnifying glass symbol next to the reviewers name. Go to the Account Information page. Scroll down to Grant an Extension – and select the date from the calendar. This will automatically adjust the dates the reminders are sent.

How do I read reviewers comments - can I rate the review?

From the Manuscript Information page, scroll down to Reviewer List. Click on the View Review button. Here you can read the reviewers comments and if you wish, you can rate the review on timeliness and also quality of the review. If you score the review, save the changes. If you do not wish to score the review, simply close the window.

How do I remove a reviewer from my list?

It is much better to deactivate and account rather than delete an account deleting a user's role or roles results in loss of associated historical data.

To deactivate a user role, edit their user account. Go to Step 4 (Roles & Permissions) and click the Edit button to display the User Permissions and Roles popup. Do not uncheck the role checkbox. Instead, deactivate the user (or a particular role or roles) by entering a calendar date in the Hard End Date field, then click Save.  Should you wish to reactivate the reviewer account in the future repeat this process and remove the end date field.

N.B. Deactivating a user role does not prevent that role from displaying in author or reviewer user searches but will prevent them appearing in the reviewer list when inviting reviewers.

Why are the reviewer files not shown as an attachment on the decision letter email?

When a reviewer uploads a file along with the review, they select a radio button for viewing by Author and Editor or for Editor only. A file marked for viewing by the author and editor is not automatically attached to the decision letter email. The text of the decision letter lists the name of the file, but does not attach it.

When searching for reviewers for a revised manuscript, some names appear with an "RO" annotation. What does this mean?

RO stands for Reviewed Original. So that reviewer scored the original manuscript. If the reviewer selected the option to review the revision, their name will automatically appear in the Reviewer list with the annotation RO.

How do I remove a reviewer and add a new one in their place once the invitation process has already been completed?

You can perform this action in the manuscript's Manuscript Information tab. Scroll to the Reviewer List. Click the Remove button for the reviewer you wish to remove. Complete the e-mail notification. Now you can search for and add a new reviewer.

Why does the "Number invited" quantity in the invitation progress indicator not reflect all the reviewers I have invited?

The progress indicator reports the active selections and active invitations. Once a reviewer has declined, they are no longer a viable selection for the review process. The number of invitations shown in the progress indicator only includes the following:

• Open invitations waiting for reply
• Reviewers who have agreed
• Reviewers who have returned their reviews

A reviewer has e-mailed me directly to let me know that he would review the manuscript. However, he didn't indicate which manuscript he was referring to! How do I find that information without asking him?

A good way to locate the information is by viewing the reviewer's correspondence history. Perform a user search on the reviewer. On the Search Results page, click the Details icon to view the Person Details popup. Scroll to the Correspondence section and click the link to Show Correspondence. You can locate your invitation email to him from here, which will indicate the Manuscript ID.

What is an Alternative Reviewer?

Alternative Reviewers are 'spare' reviewers who will only be invited if your preliminary selection of reviewers are unavailable or decline your invitation.

You add alternative reviewers as you would normal reviewers. When you order the list of reviewers you can designation who is an alternative reviewer and the order in which they should be invited.

The system will automatically invited the alternative reviewer(s) as required so you do not need to log in and check the progress of a paper, or invite the alternative reviewers yourself.

How do I uninvite/unassign a reviewer?

To uninvite (unassign if they have accepted the invitation) a reviewer, click on the blue X by their name. This will produce an e-mail in which you can explain why you are uninviting them. You do not need to uninvite alternative reviewers if they have not been invited.