Emerald's Copyright Policy

Emerald Group Publishing Limited seeks to retain copyright of the articles it publishes, without the author giving up their rights to use their own material. Authors are not required to seek permission to re-use their own work. As an author you can use your paper in part or in full, including figures and tables (except where copyright is owned by a third party, in which case you must seek permission again) if you want to do so in a book, in another article written for us or another publisher, on your website, or any other use, without asking us first. We believe that this copyright policy benefits our authors by ensuring that we can:

For more information about Emerald's copyright policy please visit our Copyright information site.

How do I send Emerald a JAR form?

Until the electronic copyright form is available (early 2008), Emerald requires a paper copy of the copyright assignment form (Journal Article Record form). This is required once the article has been accepted. We cannot publish papers without the form.

Please ensure that all sections of the Journal Article Record form, particularly author contact details, are completed as fully, accurately and legibly as possible. This is essential for safe delivery of complimentary copies of the journal issue upon publication. Complete the Journal Article Record form on your PC

Please remember to print, sign and return the form. You can fax your completed JAR forms to +44 (0) 1274 785200