FAQ's for Editors

This section is for Frequently Asked Questions for Editors. To make it easier to find the answer you're looking for, the questions have been separated into common categories. Any which do not fit into a category can be found below. If you're still not able to find what you are looking for please contact your Publisher in the first instance or if they are not available please email Andrea Watson-Lee, Emerald's ScholarOne Manuscripts Implementation and Support Manager.

Why should I not use the BACK BUTTON?

If you have taken an action on a paper, you should not use the back button to return to the original screen. Instead you should use the on screen navigation to move between screens.

Using the back button can corrupt the file which will prevent any further action being taken on that paper.

I work on a journal with several editors, an author has submitted to the wrong editor - can I transfer it?

We recommend that you unsubmit the paper and ask the author to resubmit the paper to the correct editor. (see Returning papers to authors for how to unsubmit a paper)

Why can't I see the editorial I just submitted?

If you used the author account with the same e-mail address as your editor account you will not be able to see the content as the system is created to be completely blind. Normally we would ask you to create an author account with a different e-mail address to your editor account.  In some cases the Publisher is given Section Editor privileges and they then deal with the editorial(s) submitted.

I've received a revision - what's happened to the original version?

The revised version will have the same manuscript ID number but will have the addition of .R1 for a first revision (subsequent revisions will be numbered .R2, .R3 etc). All the files you see will be the revised files.
The original version remains ‘attached’ to the revised version and you can view the original by selecting version history on the Manuscript Information page.

Author uploaded information with wrong file designation and they are now going out for review (e.g. author biographical details) - how do I remove it before I send the paper for review?

Go to the Manuscript Files page. Chose Edit Details – correct the file type. Save changes. The PDF and HTML files will now show the amended version.

I know that a piece of non article content has been submitted but I can't see it in my Editor Centre - why?

It will appear in your Section Editor Centre (if you act as Section Editor)

How do I update an author's manuscript files?

To update manuscript files:

  1. Go to the Manuscript Files tab of the submitted manuscript.
  2. Download the file you wish to edit.
  3. Go to File....Save As...and save the file to your computer (in an easy-to-remember location).
  4. Make the necessary edits, click Save, and then Close.
  5. Go back to the Manuscript Files tab of the submitted manuscript.
  6. Click the "edit details" button for the file you wish to update.
  7. Click the browse button, find the file you edited, highlight it, and click Open.
  8. Click Upload (this sometimes takes a minute: the file is sent to MC and converted to PDF).
  9. When finished you'll see a new version under "Version History"; click Save.