For Publishers & Assistant Publishers

This section is for Publishers and Assistant Publishers. There are role specific 'Frequently Asked Questions', role specific guidelines and tutorials.

A few points to note:

Once an author has submitted their paper they cannot access it again to make changes until the Editor returns it to them for revision. They can track the progess of the paper from their Author Centre but they cannot view the paper or edit it while it is in the Editor Centres. Authors cannot see how many reviewers have been invited or how many reviewers have replied. They also cannot see when a paper shows overdue.

If the Editor is the author or co-author on a paper, s/he will not be able to see it in their Editor Centre as the system prevents Editors from seeing their own work - this is to maintain the blind review process. (Please refer to the FAQ for more information on how to deal with this).

Reviewers can only access the paper once the system knows they have agreed to review it - either by clicking on the 'agreed' link in the invitation email or by the Editor manually updating the system. If they email you/the Editor personally to decline the invitation, this decision will need to be registered in the system to prevent them from receiving reminders to respond to the invitation.

ScholarOne Manuscripts is not linked to our personal email account or address book nor can it read emails in your inbox. Email addresses must be completed in full if they are added in addition to those automatically completed by the system. Author and Reviewer requests for extensions should be updated in the system. (Please refer to the FAQ and Editor Guidelines on how to do this).