Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change my username and password?

Yes you can change your details at any time. Click on the Edit account link at the top right of your screen. Here you can amend your contact details and also change your username and password. There is also the facility for you to update your areas of expertise and amend your availability.

2. I am a reviewer on more than one journal - can I use the same username and password for each journal?

Yes you can, you will be registered separately on each journal but once your account is created you can log in and edit your details. As each journal is a separate site, if your details change please remember to log into each journal and update your records.

3. The system has timed me out

Please make it a practice to save your work often! Manuscript Central times out after 75 minutes with no activity. You can click the Save as Draft button if you haven't completed your review. You can also create your comments offline in a text editor and copy and paste or  (if configured by journal) attach the file to your scoresheet.

Unfortunately, if your session timed out and you have not saved a draft, your work has not been saved.

4. Can I upload an amended version of the manuscript to help the author?

Yes you can, although you should ensure that you do not upload anything which can identify you to the author. To upload the file, scroll to the bottom of the Scoresheet page and click on the link to upload file. You will be asked to give the file a name and whether the file is for editor only or for editor and author to view.

5. Can I view reviews I have previously submitted?

Yes, in your reviewer centre there are two sections - papers you have agreed to review and papers you have previously reviewed. To see what you have sent, click View Review. If you review for more than one journal, you would need to log into each journal separately to view reviews submitted.

6. When I finished editing my score sheet, I clicked the "Submit" button and the system logged me out. What happened?

This can occur when you copy and paste your review comments from Word and the text contains illegal characters (those not recognized in plain text ). If you want to copy and paste text, you can avoid the potential of illegal characters by creating your text in a plain text editor like Notepad or WordPad instead of in Word.

7. When I try to log into Manuscript Central I get an "Account Inactive" error message. Why?

Something has happened to your account on the journal side. Please contact the journal administrator or editor. Journal contact information can be found on the journal homepage. You can link to the journal homepage from the Manuscript Central log in page.